Stephen Burks is a Virginia based illustrator and writer. A mostly self-taught artist, he has studied creative writing, ancient religion, and technology. His earliest works (around age 10) include some stunning concept art combined with a spellbinding story pitch for a sequel to the 1979 cinema classic The Warriors (sadly, still unproduced).

As an illustrator, his past clients include Marvel, Upper Deck, Stormgate Press, and Maerkle Press.

He has written web comics such as Our Last Gasp, multiple short films and an 8-episode mockumentary on ghost hunting produced by Iconograph Studios.

Stephen artistically works with watercolors, gouache, and inks. He focuses on pulp inspired imagery especially around themes of magic and self-identity.

He lives outside Richmond with his wife, children, and two cats (who really run the house).

For professional inquiries, please contact him at stephen.burks@verizon.net.